About Shapes

Geometric shapes are defined as shapes that have regular appearance and are typically man made using machines. For example, circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, ovals etc.

The types of geometric shapes found in nature include snow flakes, crystals and other naturally occurring forms.

Organic shapes are defined as shapes that are irregular or asymmetrical in appearance and tend to have a curvy flow to them. Most shapes found in nature are organic in appearance. For example, leaves, flowers, fruits etc.

However, there are shapes that are man made that are organic in appearance. Eg. The bath below

A new organic shape that has been discovered is the Trigeod.

The Trigeod has been geometrically designed however is irregular, therefore is classified as an organic shape! The Trigeod name is based on it being a three sided (tri) geometric (ge), odd (od) shape. For practical reasons the manufactured shape has the pointy end removed creating another small side.

When the Trigeod is arragned in sequence, twelve shapes form a complete wheel.

Biomorphs are shapes and patterns created that resemble living organisms. A Trigeod being organic has the ability to create biomorphic characters that resemble their real organic counterpart quite closely.

The magic of the color wheel assembled from twelve Trigeod shapes is is that with a little imagination many biomorphs can be created!

The Trigeod also relates to Fractal Theory which is a never ending simple pattern that is commonly found in nature. In this image you can see many Biomorphs or patterns resembling organisms generated this way.

The Trigeod is an extremely versatile shape. Since it being an organic shape, the elements it can represent look organic as well.

Twelve is the magic number for most designs created with the Trigeod wheel as that is the number that creates a perfect wheel.

The Trigeod is so versatile, that the slogan One Shape, Many Minds, Infinite Possibilities™” has been used to describe it.

The picture of the Parrot demonstrates how the elements of the Trigeod can be used to design a biomorph. The Trigeod, a simple shape, has the ability to represent so many objects in nature. In a combination, it can create whole organisms similar to Fractal theory.

The most important ingredient however is the imagination of the user to imagine, create and learn!