About Us

Chrysanthos was established in 2005 by Tony Crisafi. A determined chemist who had a dream of reviving the ceramic industry in Australia through producing affordable, amazing color!

From small beginnings in 1993 in our factory in Melbourne, Australia, under the brand Ceramic Solutions, we moved our manufacturing offshore in a whirlwind of an adventure, to be able to globally supply our rebranded products – Chrysanthos.

Today, Chrysanthos is still owned and managed by the Crisafi family in Australia.

Our team are made up of dedicated professionals who have extensive experience in color development, manufacturing, export sales, quality control and warehouse management. Some employees have even been there since the birth of Chrysanthos in 2005!

We pride ourselves in our extensive, beautiful color range with a wide variety of effects products which are used by artists, students, hobbyists and small manufactures globally.

We strive to be equal to the best and dedicate a lot of our resources to R&D and quality to ensure you receive safe, reliable, affordable, no fuss color.

    Postal Address

PO BOX 3086, 309 Chesterville Rd, Bentleigh East Victoria, AUSTRALIA 3165

    Chrysanthos Experience Centre (CEC)

Xianghu Pottery Village,
Fuliang County,
Jingdezhen City,
Jiangxi Province, China

Commitment To Quality

We perform a range of extensive tests from viscosity to specific gravity, particle size, pH and color tests to ensure the product you receive is consistent from bottle to bottle.

No surprises from us here! We leave the experimenting up to you 😉

Raw Material Testing

On arrival to the factory, our key raw materials are tested each time to ensure they match the specification.

Final Product Testing

Each batch is tested for consistency and color before being released for sale.


Our labels conform to ASTM standards with any hazards clearly identified on the packaging.


Factory equipment is regularly calibrated – including our kiln! Processing equipment is also cleaned between batches to avoid cross contamination.

Behind the name

The name Chrysanthos is inspirsed from our surname Crisafi.

Broken down, Chrysanthos is derived from the Greek words chrysos (χρυσος) meaning gold and anthos (ανθος) meaning flower. Together, we are known as Chrysanthos (Χρυσανθος), the golden flower.