Chrysanthos Color Wheel

The Chrysanthos Color Wheel was created by curving the wedges of a traditional color wheel to create what has been dubbed a Trigeod. The Trigeod shapes are then rearranged to form another variation of the color wheel named the “Chrysanthos Color Wheel”, better known as our company logo!

The color wheel is comprised of twelve Trigeod shapes which are painted in the twelve colors of the color wheel. The colors that are used are the three primary colors red, blue and yellow. These three colors are mixed according to the following diagram to create three secondary and six tertiary colors.

Traditional Color Wheel

One Shape, Many Minds, Infinite Possibilities

The beautiful appearance of the Chrysanthos color wheel consisting of twelve Trigeod shapes does not readily yield its secrets. This requires imagination!

In exploring this most unusual shape; the Trigeod, it has been discovered that twelve Trigeod shapes of a color wheel can be used to create the most realistic biomorphic characters or be a challenging puzzle and by combining more than one wheel, the most striking quasi-tessellations and more can be created…… all from one unusual shape!

The apparent infinite possibilities with the one shape are only limited by people’s imagination.

Alternate Compliment
Color Wheel – 12 Trigeod Shapes

The nature of the Trigeod

Creativity is being able to use chaotic elements and express them in a uniquely comprehensible and ordered way based on ones personal feelings and experiences. The Trigeod is an element that promotes this expression in a natural unhindered fashion (open ended play).

The importance of this process in an individual’s creative and emotional development cannot be underestimated, particularly in children.

The Trigeod, has the uncanny ability to open a persons mind to new ways of thinking and dealing with problems to achieve an outcome that one imagines.

The satisfaction that one derives by playing with the Chrysanthos color wheel made of 12 Trigeod shapes is visible on a person’s face when they finally succeed in creating what they imagined…. They have hit the sweet spot!

company logo - color wheel
Chrysanthos Color Wheel