Fun With Shapes

Trigeod Creations (12 Shapes)

Here are some biomorphic characters that come from the wheel using twelve Trigeod shapes (one color wheel). In each case, characters have features representative of their real counterparts.

Trigeod Abstracts

Here are some abstract designs that can be created with the Trigeod. There are many more and the only limit is ones imagination.

Trigeod Wheel

How many ways can the Chrysanthos color wheel be rearranged to create a wheels of the same diameter using all twelve Trigeod shapes? Hint: there is more than 30 ways if all Trigeod shapes are the same color.

Trigeod Quasi-Tessellations

Tessellations are the regular recurrence of a shape or shapes, where there are no gaps between them and they do not overlap. The Trigeod on its own can not satisfy this criteria however it none the less produces some outstanding patterns which we call quasi-tessellations.

Trigeod 3-D Designs

Trigeod Alphanumeric Characters

Here are the Trigeod shapes are being used to create alphanumeric characters. The Trigeod resembles a brush stroke and can also be used to create some of the simpler Chinese characters.