Acrylic Crackle Medium


Our “Acrylic Crackle Medium” is used to create an antique cracked effect when used with Acrylic Colors.



Chrysanthos Crackle Medium is a water-based medium used to create an aged, cracked paint look. A non-fired product, it can be applied directly on to a plain surface, or on top of a color which will show through the cracks and contrast with the alternate color applied over it.

Apply 1 – 2 coats of Acrylic Crackle Medium to acrylic decorated surface, allowing each coat to dry. If using a colored base coat, ensure it is thoroughly dry before applying medium.

Be aware that the color chosen as the base coat will show through the “cracks” the medium creates, if no base coat is used the natural color below will show through.

Ensure medium is thoroughly dry before applying top color. Choose a contrasting color to the base coat; load broad soft brush well with color and apply a single generous coat of color taking care not to re-brush as this will disturb the paint and ruin the effect.

Brush strokes may be applied in a single direction or cross-hatched to vary the direction of the cracking provided the area is painted over only once.

The crackle finish will begin to take effect immediately as the acrylic topcoat begins to dry, and will continue until completely dry.

Acrylic Sealer may be applied to protect the finish when completely dry.

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  • Using 1-2 coats directly over the item or Acrylic Colors.
  • Finish with a coat of Acrylic Color optop of Acrylic Crackle Medium
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