Corrosion – 500mL


Used to texturise greenware surfaces before firing.





Chrysanthos Corrosion is a water-based product that once applied to earthenware greenware causes the clay to bubble and crater. The effect once dry is bisque fired then glazed over and refired.

Corrosion is used to create special effects on clay and is destructive in its nature so care she be adopted when using the product to ensure that only the areas where the effect is required are coated.


Using greenware, decide what areas the effect is desired on and apply Corrosion liberally. The more Corrosion that is applied the more accentuated the effect, however beware not to overdo it as it also weakens the clay. Occasionally it may be appropriate to dip the piece in a container filled with Corrosion.

Once the piece has completed bubbling and cratering, allow it to dry thoroughly as you would greenware before firing. Once dry, it may be fired to harden the area so that other decoration can take place.

Any Corrosion that has been in contact with clay should be discarded and the remainder sealed in the container and stored in a cool dry place.

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500 mL


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