Feng Shui Glaze – Feicui Lu


Our “Feng Shui Glazes” produce amazing results due their compositions. They are not suitable for functional ware.



Chrysanthos Feng Shui Glazes are a range of glaze varieties aimed more at the sophisticated user. They are a range of glazes that produce more striking results due to their compositions.


Generally, to obtain optimum results, 2 – 3 coats of Feng Shui Glazes should be applied using a fan brush. Ensure each coat is dry before applying subsequent coats at right angles to each other. In the case of the metallic glazes; 3 – 4 coats may be required to achieve an excellent metallic finish.


For the best results, the Feng Shui Glazes should be fired between Cone 06 (999°C) and Cone 04 (1,060°C) on bisque that has been previously fired to between Cone 04 (1,060°C) and Cone 03 (1,101°C). In the case of the metallic glazes, the recommended firing range is between Cone 05 (1,046°C) and Cone 03 (1,101°C).


Refer to label and MSDS concerning safety of a particular glaze for decorating ceramic ware that is to contain food or beverage.

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  • To be applied on earthenware/low fire bisque
  • Firing range between Cone 06 (999°C) – Cone 04 (1,060°C)
  • Using 2-3 coats
  • Colors are not intermixable
  • Contains lead
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140 mL, 500 mL


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