One Stroke – Rose Pink


The Chrysanthos One Stroke range will be your perfect fit if detailed work is your thing. Thanks to their high pigment concentration, these underglazes achieve the most intense colors imaginable with just ‘One Stroke’.

Three coats will provide full opaque coverage and are food-safe once a clear glaze has been applied on top. This underglaze offers complete flexibility, making it an ideal choice for artists who value versatility.



These intensely pigmented translucent underglazes are expertly crafted for precise detailing. The One Stroke range provides a seamless and effective method for applying rich colors to both greenware and bisqueware.
■ On greenware, simply fire the clay to bisque temperatures, apply a suitable clear glaze, and refire to beautifully seal the ceramic piece.
■ On bisqueware, ensure that the One Stroke decoration is completely dry before glazing over and firing to the recommended gloss temperatures for a flawless finish.

One Stroke can also be applied directly onto an unfired opaque white glaze surface and then fired to achieve a majolica effect.


The One Stroke range is formulated to be brushed straight from the bottle, but it may be thinned with a little clean water if the color appears too thick or if a more subtle effect is desired for shading, majolica application, or airbrushing.

One Strokes are also suitable for sponging and stippling. Despite being essentially translucent, the rich pigment of some colors, especially the darker ones, provides excellent solid coverage with just one generous coat.

The intensity of the One Stroke range also makes them ideal for coloring slip for engobe application and for adding a tint to White 3D Trailing Glaze and Snow Puff. You can even layer different colors over each other to achieve an opaque underglaze-like coverage with just 2 to 3 coats.


Chrysanthos One Stroke has a broad recommended firing range, and most will fire between cone 06 (999°C) and cone 10 (1,305°C).


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  • Apply on greenware or bisque.


  • Using 1-3 coats to achieve desired coverage. Wait for coat to dry between applications.


  • Colors are intermixable.

  • No bleeding at inter-color interface.

  • Food safe with clear glaze.

  • Firing range between Cone 06 (999°C) – Cone 10 (1,305°C)
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