Shipping Charges Explained

Shipping is calculated on several factors due to FedEx charging additional fees since COVID-19.

Shipping Fee (SF)

On this FedEx table you will find the cost of shipping to your country based on the weight of your cart rounded up to the nearest .5kg.

These prices are all in Chinese Yuan (RMB/CNY ¥)

They are converted at checkout to the currency you are checking out with.

Surcharge (SC)

13.4¥ * kg of the cart.

Fuel Surcharge (FS)

Fuel Surcharge = (Shipping Fee + Surcharge) * 11%

Let’s look at an example…

Sara has a cart with 4x 500ml of Chrysanthos Underglazes and is in Australia. She would assume this cart weighs around 2kg, but in fact it weighs 2.8kg. Paint is heavier than water. The weight of a product can be found under the Additional Information tab of all products.

The calcuations are as follows.

Shipping Fee (SF)

With the cart weighing 2.8kg the shipping is rounded up to a cart weight of 3kg.

Referring to the FedEx International Priority table mentioned above

SF = 235.20¥

Surcharge (SC)

13.4¥ * 3kg

SC = 40.2¥

Fuel Surcharge (FS)


FS = 30.294¥

Total Shipping Fee (TSF)

To Australia for a 3kg parcel =SF+SC+FS


Depending on the exchange rate of the day and rounding, Sara will see this shipping value in her checkout currency.

EUB (ePacket)

If your basket has only underglaze pencils or decals inside and weighs less than 2kg the order will be sent via ePacket at a flat rate. This can take 4-8 weeks to reach it’s destination. If you would like the option for FedEx to appear, you can either add more products to the basket or add paint to the order.