Chrysanthos Cafe Colors

Cafe Colors are simple to use colors for bisque. Use the following steps to ensure a satisfactory result after the firing.

  1. Each bottle needs to be mixed thoroughly via shaking or stirring with a clean palette knife. Add brushing medium or water if paint appears too thick and difficult to mix.
  2. Squeeze the required amount onto a tile or paint palette. It is not recommended to continuously dip the brush into the paint container, as this may contaminate the color.
  3. If necessary, stir in more brushing medium to achieve the desired consistency. The paint should flow from the brush and not stick to the bristles.



Café Colors and Cafe Colors (G) are for application to earthenware bisque. Café Colors H are for application to middle to high fire bisque.Refer to the picture guide below on firing and glazing stages.

Café Colors once applied and dry can be glazed with clear brush on or dipping glazes, especially if used on functional ware.


  • One coat creates a transparent finish, two coats a semi-transparent and three coats an bright opaque finish.
  • Apply coats one at a time, allowing each coat to dry. Ensure coats are not too thick.


  • Brush work/hand painting
  • Sponging
  • Splattering
  • Stippling
  • Airbrushing
  • Bubbling
  • Banding
  • Wash
  • Detailed Work
  • Majolica

Intermixable With

The colors can be applied with Underglazes and One Strokes on the same item or mixed. The piece must be clear glazed by dipping.

Greenware to Bisque, Paint Cafe Colors, Dip or Brush Clear Glaze, Fire to get Finished Ware